SEP, 2020

- Preface -


為因應每個基地空間特性不同,規劃此次店面時,希望在品牌主概念下,延伸出一個副牌新風格,將原有充滿圖書館特色的沉穩大器高櫃,轉化為小書房般輕鬆優雅的精巧道具, 灰白色系搭配淺木質調,創造出明亮舒適的購物空間。

Accessories Library 2.0: The Bookstore Next Door

In response to the space specialty of different foundations, we planned to extend a new sub-brand based on the primary brand. Transform the original steady, towering, and tall cabinets full of library characteristics into cozy and elegant props in the small study room. Utilizing the off-white color and light wood material creates a bright and comfortable shopping space.

- Chapter 1 -

從外到內,可看到一卷又一卷的書本語彙不時出現, 一步步向內,如同一頁頁翻閱,
無論是排列整齊的陳列櫃、或如同運書車的小中島, 書卷的意象皆作為貫穿整體空間的主要語言。

而台北商業區典型的狹長型街邊店, 總讓人流難以進到底,
因此在空間中後段,創造如同過門般的拱道, 過門之於空間,如標點符號之於文章,
有了過門,像多了關節,段落顯得更明確,讓空間有呼吸, 而觀者經由過門也感受到暗示,準備接受下一章節的出現。

From the outside to the inside, you could see the metaphor of the book very often. Step by step inward, it’s like flipping from page to page. Whether neatly arranged display cabinets or a small kitchen island looks like a book shipping cart, the image of the book is used as the primary inspiration throughout the whole space.

It's always hard to get into the store end in the typical long and narrow street store in Taipei’s business district. Therefore, we create an archway gate at the rear part of the space. Compare the spaces of passing through the door to the article of punctuation having the passing through the door is like having the joints. Then the context is clearer, and the spaces could breathe. The viewer could feel the hint through the door, ready to accept the emergence of the next chapter.

- Chapter 2 -

映入眼簾的深橄欖綠,帶出與前區截然不同的氛圍, 沉穩的調性、整面置頂的陳列,
將飾品小心翼翼的擺放,就像是收藏於暗門內的神祕藏書閣, 透過過門,感受前後區的差異,

The dark olive green that comes into your eyes brings out a completely different atmosphere from the front area. It has calm tonality and displays on the whole top of the whole surface. The jewelry is carefully placed, like a mysterious library in a secret door, The viewer could feel the differences between the front and rear areas through the door. It brings various joy to the viewers and makes customer lovely to find out more in the front area.
- To be continued-


Despite the shop space is small, and it doesn’t have a complicated moving line. But we expect customers to come to read a rich story that is the inheritance and transformation.


專案名稱 Project:冉冉西門峨嵋門市 ZANZAN Ximen

專案位置 Location:台北市  Taipei City, Taiwan
使用面積 Area:15坪 / 50m2
空間材質 Materials:白樂土 / 木皮 / 噴漆

設計單位 Design:肆伍形物所  45tilt Design
專案設計 Desiger:陳怡如 / 張恬嘉 / 張學智
攝影團隊 Photography: ANDY’s Photography
完工時間 Realization: SEP, 2020