Taipei City, Taiwan


Humans are unique creatures. They are curious about the unknown. They are afraid of the unknown while eager to solve puzzles. They are used to following the rules while trying to break them. Perhaps, there are a few circus genes in every human body. Where will such a gene lead us?


The night stays extremely long on the bustling Chang'an East Road. Among all the loud noises, there is a place that is too quiet not to catch people’s eyes. It is said the circus - “Y-UPSILON” is only open to “ordinary but unwilling to be ordinary” people. The members stationed by the door are taking away your curiosity in a low-profile but dazzling gesture and exchanging it for admission tickets.

The secret door opened, and what catches the eye is not the gorgeous and exaggerated circus scene as one would imagine, but the calm but restless pink arch, surrounded by a dark green and gold embellishment. The repeated and overlapping arch in the space covers the double seat area, creating a private room feeling. If you are a group of four, you are welcome to take the Golden Deer Carriage and wander in each other’s understanding.


Following the lead of the traffic flow, a circus-tent-like round bar is located in the center of the venue. The water-corrugated metal melamine board with the tungsten light bulbs on the roof brings out the fantastic show one after another in the hands of the bartender. If you're lucky enough to be in the GA floor section, please have a ball, but just be careful not to be dazzled.



The mysterious stage on the opposite side of the bar is made of cut and arranged antique and tawny mirrors. The reflection of the lighting creates a virtual and real interlaced visual sense and also brings you an unexpectedly special performance. Is the mesmerizing show real? Or a fantasy? Either way, it is worth watching.

Circuses are playing everywhere in this small space, trying to attract the attention of people passing by. A variety of special coatings are used on the walls to create different textures. The curtains and seats are matched with flannel and leather of different materials, and the ring light bar reflects each other, making people immersed in charming imagination and releasing another self out of the body. At the end of the performance, surrounded by the non-dazzling light, you’ll become the most shining highlight of the circus.


專案位置 Location:台北,台灣  Taipei City 
使用面積 Area:22.5坪 / 75m2

設計單位 Design:肆伍形物所  45tilt Design
攝影團隊 Photography:Hey!Cheese
視覺設計 Visual Design:Jess Lin
完工時間 Realization: 2022.DEC