D+AF Kaohsiung
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

D+AF Kaohsiung


這個單字結合「Essence」的 "Essen-" 與「WABI-SABI」的 "-sabi",

This word is combined with the “Essen” of "Essence" and the "-sabi" of "WABI-SABI", which represents an appreciation of the imperfect beauty of nature.

本案位於熱鬧不已的市區中心, 此棟的坐落如一座優雅的雕像, 安靜的質感在紛亂之中恰如溫暖的光。
因為鄰近街廓較紛擾,將出入口內縮打斜, 避開風水學的雜氣, 並讓顧客在踏入店內前,

This project is situated in the center of the bustling urban area. The building sits as an elegant sculpture, and the quiet ambiance is just like the warm light in the chaos.
Due to the busy streets nearby, the entrance is recessed at an angle, avoiding the clutter of Feng Shui and providing customers with a small space to collect themselves and reset their mind before entering the store.


In the space, it returns to its basics to adapt to the original base for layout. Even if the staircase is exposed, it is not deliberately covered or hidden, showcasing a beauty that is though not perfectly precise, but inclusive. The long rectangular site utilizes walls and islands, combining with different curves and arcs, to link up the graceful softness of the space. It's like an embrace of nature, with the gurgling water having harmonious and smooth strolls in the space.
牆面上的不規則明鏡如水池一窪窪,倒映空間中不同角落的變化,置入自然未經修飾的枯木及原石,將設計元素及材料保持最低限度, 回歸本質,如藝廊般,純粹展演商品本身的特色,讓畫面自然而然。

Here, uneven shapes are not considered as mistakes. The clay-colored, grainy paint is chosen to show fine textures and to express the gentle posture of the props. The irregular mirrors on the walls are like small pools, reflecting changes in different corners of the space. The unprocessed dead wood and raw stones are placed to keep design elements and materials to a minimum. Returning to the essence, it resembles an art gallery, purely showcasing the characteristics of the products, which allows the visuals to appear naturally.

空間恰如其分地的留白, 除了提供舒適的動線,更留下了未完成的想像
等待每分鐘不同的光影,每一天時間的洗滌, 都將再生成新的變化。

The space is appropriately left blank, not only providing comfortable circulations but also leaving unfinished imagination. It awaits the different lights and shadows of every minute, and the daily passage of time will constantly regenerate new changes for it.


專案位置 Location:高雄,台灣  Kaohsiung
使用面積 Area:49坪 / 162㎡

設計單位 Design:肆伍形物所  45tilt Design
攝影團隊 Photography:Hey!Cheese

完工時間 Realization: 2023