Bonny & Read

Jan, 2019

Situated in the heart of Taipei central business district, Bonny & Read unveiled its accessory store with inviting, vibrant retro diner theme, making you hot-blooded as approaching. Walking into the store brings you back to the 80s American diner ambiance in a snap; the chic collections of accessories seem to sway to the music Take On Me.

PRESS / Web Media

As you open the door, the rectangularly shaped kitchen island comes into view, with the two-sided mirror sauce racks on it. Looking at the lightbox menu featuring a list of daily accessory specials in pickup areas, you’re wavering between various choices, as if you’re hesitating about what’s for dinner. No doubt, there, you are fascinated with arrays of accessories on the walls and will shop till you drop.


Besides, the vintage yet modern jukebox designed with the perforated plate for sufficient display space has a touch screen tablet embedded that customers can hit their favorite music. Whichever the music is on, customers can always undulate with the rhythm.

We expect our customers not only leave the store with beautiful accessories but imagination and experience they’ve never had before because of the inspirational interior design in their brief shopping time.


專案名稱 Project: Bonny&Read 信義門市 Xinyi Retail

專案位置 Location:台北市信義區 Xinyi Dist., Taipei
使用面積 Area:46m2
空間材質 Materials:不鏽鋼板 / 磁磚 / 油漆

設計單位 Design:肆伍形物所  45tilt Design
攝影團隊 Photography: HEY! CHEESE
完工時間 Realization : JAN, 2019